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Helping children and young adults of all ages stay healthy.

Acupuncture has been used therapeutically for thousands of years to treat pediatric health concerns in infants to young adults. Dix Hills Family Acupuncture treats children using various techniques, including non-needle methods (shonishin, heat, magnets, vigorous massage or tapping) to stimulate points along the energy pathways. Disease occurs when the flow of vital energy is disrupted or blocked. It has been growing in popularity in the pediatric community because of the success in treating the following conditions: 

Acute Conditions:
Fever, upper respiratory infections, acute wheezing, allergies, headaches, gastroenteritis, sports injuries and performance.

Chronic Conditions:
Weakened immune system, chronic urticaria, eczema, constipation, asthma, nausea and vomiting due to chemo agents, pain management.


Neurologic Disorders:
Nocturnal enuresis (involuntary loss of urine), migraine headaches

Pain Management:
Acupuncture can decrease swelling, spasms and inflammation.  The holistic mechanism performed by your acupuncturist not only treats the symptom of pain (branch), but also treats any constitutional weaknesses or excesses (root causes) that may predispose the individual to have injuries.  Millions of Americans suffering from acute and chronic pain seek out alternative methods for the management of their pain. Acupuncture is at the top of the list because it can not only reduce their pain but can also help lessen the need for potentially dangerous prescription drugs.


In cancer patients, the pain becomes a dominant physical and psychological symptom. Acupuncture is effective in treating pain and can help alleviate the pain for children undergoing cancer treatment.

Sporting Injuries and Performance:
Rewarding effects are accomplished with ongoing acupuncture to aid in pain management and recovery.  For young athletes who train regularly, it is necessary to have a non-invasive modality to reduce inflammation, decrease spasms, and control pain. Acupuncture allows young athletes to stay strong and have various performance advantages.

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