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Asian medicine is practiced all over the world and is now being taught by many American medical schools including Harvard Medical School.  It has been proven effective in treating many ailments and conditions, such as pain management, women’s health, stress and anxiety, overall wellness, weight loss, and smoking cessation. For those seeking alternatives, the modern movement of holistic healing is more widespread than ever in our community supplying a more comprehensive approach to wellness.  By combining the healing techniques of the East with nutritional support from the West, we are able to harvest the incredible benefits of ancient healing and introduce this to your body’s innate intelligence while cultivating balance, homeostasis and healing from within.  

The ability to treat the whole person with a customized individual treatment is a powerful aspect of acupuncture and Asian medicine, all tried and tested  for more than 2500 years.  At our first meeting, a consultation, examination, and thorough inquiry into your medical history will provide us with information to craft your unique and customized treatment plan.

We provide a safe, confidential, and secure space for you and your family to relax and heal.  We constantly strive to provide a caring environment, top quality acupuncture care, and nutritional support while improving the lives of our Long Island community!


...encourages natural healing, utilizing needles about the size of human hair manipulated by hand or with electric stimulation to redirect energy (Qi or Chi) in the body.  There is little to no discomfort to heal and reduce pain by the body’s innate abilities.


Dix Hills Family Acupuncture (DHFA) promises to be:





Direct and honest about what we can and cannot heal or treat

Holistic in our treatment practice, healing the mind, body, and spirit

First stop in your family's path to health and wellness

Approachable, principled, and knowledgeable

Acupressure Neck Massage


…harmonizes the flow of energy (Qi or Chi) as the practitioner targets acupoints by hand to help the body heal itself and ease muscle tension, joint pain, neck and back pain, stress, and other disorders.

Cupping Treatment


Creates suction on the skin using glass, ceramic, bamboo or plastic cups.  Negative pressure is created in the cup with heat or a suction device.  They can be placed on specific points or moved to relieve disorders such as digestive, pain, tension, viral, etc.

Herbal Medicine

Individualized plans of whole food nutrition, and safe herbal supplements in the form of capsules, powders, teas, tinctures, or liniments, to treat symptoms and conditions of nutritional deficiencies.  Especially effective in conjunction with our other modalities to support the whole person.

Acupuncture Session


...involves the burning of mugwort (a flowering plant) on specific parts of the body, either on its own or during an acupuncture session to treat disorders associated with cold and damp, e.g., digestive, arthritis, certain back pain, etc.

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