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What you put into your body impacts every area of life.

Nutrition can influence many aspects of your health, from digestive intolerances to full blown allergies, to diet and exercise.  If you're not getting the right balance of nutrients for your body, you may run the risk of experiencing adverse health effects, such as fatigue, hair loss, high blood pressure, and even stroke or numbness.

Our nutritional experts will help evaluate your diet and set up a simple but effective plan to improve your nutritional health through balanced diet and nutritional supplements as needed.

 “Good health comes from good nutrition and the best nutrients come from whole foods.” - Dr. Royal Lee

 “The best sources of vitamins and mineral are found in whole foods.” - Dr. Royal Lee

Dix Hills Family Acupuncture (DHFA) offers primarily organic, grown in Wisconsin, USA and/or free range and raised in Australia, nutritional supplements from Standard Process and Medi Herb, just to name a few of the companies we offer that will support you and your family.


Jodie has had the pleasure to visit Standard Process in Wisconsin and witness the organic farming and careful, sanitary, and meticulous processing of  their supplements.  They have been producing organic supplements since 1929.  Whole food supplementation aids in addressing nutritional deficiencies that naturally occur as we age and rely heavily on mass produced meats, fish, produce and processed foods.


Here at Dix Hills Family Acupuncture, we provide education in the benefits of living a life with organically, non- processed whole foods, a lifestyle for you and your family to continue for generations to come.  

Colorful Fruits

Learn more about our supplements below!

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