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Safe and natural treatments for all aspects of men's wellness.

Men's health is a vital aspect of healthcare and wellness.  Our specially trained professionals are ready to help you create a custom care plan to find balance and peace for your body, mind, and spirit.


Some of the issues we treat are:

Libido • Fertility • Hormonal imbalance • Prostate health • Sperm count • Chronic illness and pain management • Sports injuries and athletic performance • Stress and anxiety • Cardiovascular health •  and more!

Acupuncture can help with men’s health concerns and has been for more than 1000 years. It has been growing in popularity because of the success in treating the following conditions: 

Pain Management
Acupuncture is one of the most powerful pain-altering modalities in the world. It can be practiced successfully for pain relief with a variety of other Chinese medicine modalities including cupping, moxibustion, electrical stimulation and Chinese herbal medicine. Chronic pain of any type is often the most common ailment seen today in many acupuncture clinics.


Acupuncture can decrease swelling, spasms and inflammation.  The holistic mechanism performed by your acupuncturist not only treats the symptom of pain (branch), but also treats any constitutional weaknesses or excesses (root causes)  that may predispose the individual to have injuries.  Millions of Americans suffering from acute and chronic pain seek out alternative methods for the management of their pain. Acupuncture is at the top of the list, not only can it reduce their pain but can also help lessen their dependency on dangerous and cautioned prescription drugs.

Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular Disease is the leading men’s health threat with heart disease and stroke topping the list of the first and second leading causes of death worldwide.  Acupuncture integrated with a healthy lifestyle is highly effective in decreasing your risk of cardiovascular diseases by decreasing the demand of your heart’s activity and need for oxygen and lowering blood pressure.

Prostate Health
As men age, the prostate is prone to enlarge and become inflamed causing multiple conditions with symptoms as frequent nighttime urination, painful urination and/or  difficult urination.  Left untreated prostatitis can lead to prostate cancer, urinary tract infections, bladder or kidney damage, bladder stones or incontinence. Acupuncture can prevent further progression or improve symptoms and quality of life.
Sexual health includes, but is not limited to, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, low sperm motility, erectile dysfunction, male menopause and helps to increase libido. Acupuncture, alone or with the help of nutritional advice and supplementation is well known for improving men’s sexual performance.

Mental Health
It is unfortunate but suicide is the 8th leading cause of death among men.  Integrating acupuncture with other therapies can help balance the brain chemicals and stress hormones, helping with depression, sleep disturbances, appetite, and energy levels.  Acupuncture is highly effective in treating anxiety, chronic pain syndrome and chronic pelvic floor syndrome.  Acupuncture is now integrated in the United States Armed Forces for treatment of PTSD and combat stress syndrome.  

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